The internal control and risk management system as it relates to the accounting process

The key features of the accounting process-related internal control and risk management system employed by Borussia Dortmund can be described as follows:

  • Borussia Dortmund distinguishes itself through its clear organisational and corporate structures as well as its control and monitoring structures.
  • The internal control and risk management systems as they relate to the accounting process form an integral part of operational and strategic planning processes.
  • Responsibilities have been clearly assigned in all areas of the accounting process (such as financial accounting and management cost accounting).
  • Reporting is carried out in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual intervals, whereby a distinction is made between matters requiring immediate action by the Company and those involving Company strategy.
  • The computer systems used in accounting are protected against unauthorised access.
  • An adequate system of internal guidelines has been established and is updated as needed.
  • The departments involved in the accounting process fulfil quantitative and qualitative requirements.
  • The completeness and accuracy of the accounting data is checked regularly by reviewing samples and conducting plausibility tests, both manually and by means of software employed for this purpose.
  • The principle of dual control is adhered to at all points in the Company’s accounting-related processes.
  • The management receives reports at scheduled intervals throughout the process or more frequently if necessary.
  • The Supervisory Board deals with the key accounting issues, risk management and the audit assignment, among other things.

The accounting process-related internal control and risk management system, the key features of which are described above, ensures that transactions can be correctly recorded, prepared and accounted for in the financial statements.

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